Our project

The Domaine d’intérêt majeur (DIM) Heritage and ancient materials is the Île-de-France research network dedicated to the study of ancient and patrimonial materials.

Its singularity relies upon a strong interdisciplinary paradigm, which expresses through 8 transversal research thematics. It cares about improving the scientific and public knowledge about ancients materials, based on a dialog between research in physics, chemistry, computer science, environment sciences, biology and art history, archeology, paleontology and text studies.

Socio-economical partners, involved in scientific research and its valorization, are members of the DIM.

About the DIM

About our projet

The DIM « Matériaux anciens et patrimoniaux » (MAP) is a region-wide research network. Its singularity relies on a close collaboration between human sciences, experimental sciences such as physics and chemistry, scientific ecology and information sciences, while integrating socio-economical partners from the cultural heritage environment. Based on its research, development and valorization potential, we expect such an interdisciplinary network to raise the Ile-de-France region up to a world-top position as far as heritage sciences and research on ancient materials are concerned.

What is a DIM ?

DIM, a field of major interest

Domaine d’intérêt majeur (DIM) is a research network, financed by the Île-de-France region for 4 years. The allocated fund is redistributed to the members of the network, based on calls for proposals. It finances PhD grants, post-doctorate researches, workshops, equipments, etc.

The DIM label is meant to increase the scientific standing of the research institutions from Île-de-France, by supporting structuring projects and disruptive innovations in very specific fields.

In the 2017-2020 period, following a scientific expertise process, the regional scientific board decided to select 9 DIM projects. The selected projects were attributed a DIM label by the Region Council of île-de-France on 15 December 2016.

Paris declaration

More than 400 leading scientists, officials, heads of institutions and participants in the World Meeting “Heritage, Science and Technology” adopted the following Declaration, including the Director General of ICCROM, Ministers Costas Fotakis, Hany Helal and Jorge Braga de Macedo, the President of the CNRS, the President of the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (Paris) and the President of the Université Paris-Saclay:



Paris Declaration, 15 February 2019 


In the context of the global meeting on “Heritage, Sciences and Technologies” organized by the French Academy of Sciences and IPANEMA under the aegis of the Inter-Academic Group for Development (GID) from the 13th to 16th February 2019 in Paris, participants endeavour through this declaration to initiate a call for action through the mobilization of knowledge to improve the understanding, preservation and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage in order to promote sustainable development.


  • the scientific, intercultural, educational, economic and social values of the world’s cultural and natural heritage;
  • the growing collective desire to preserve such heritage passed on through History;
  • the magnitude of damage, often irreversible, to the world’s heritage due to natural disasters and climate-related phenomena, negligence, targeted destruction in times of conflict, as well as looting that generates a long-term negative impact on the countries of origin of these goods;
  • the contribution of tourism to the global economy, but also the negative impacts of mass tourism on heritage preservation as well as the risk of its commodification and alteration;
  • the emergence of new research fields and methodological revolutions which contribute to cutting edge scientific discoveries and to innovative technologies in the study of ancient materials and environments that contribute substantially to the understanding, conservation and sustainable use of heritage;

Considering that:

  • the world’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage and natural heritage is still largely unevenly and inadequately recognized, inventoried and protected: new discoveries are consistently being made that highlight the need to pursue and intensify research and documentation of heritage assets;
  • the study of heritage requires an increase in collaboration between experimental sciences, the humanities, the conservation sector, environmental and information sciences;
  • the study and dating of ancient materials using available technologies contribute to the advancement of knowledge;
  • heritage is fundamental for communities to take ownership of their history;
  • heritage constitutes a unique channel for sharing culture and scientific knowledge with all people;
  • heritage contributes to strengthening social cohesion, to development, as well as to peace and to stability;
  • the enhancement of knowledge and of understanding of heritage assets is a source of job creation in numerous sectors: economics, tourism, education, cultural industries…;
  • the role of national and international institutions, such as UNESCO, ICCROM, ICOM, ICOMOS, and the network of academies that GID facilitates, is important in this realm;

Participants to the global meeting on “Heritage, Sciences and Technologies” urge countries and institutions to commit themselves to:

  • include heritage studies in the mission statements of research organizations, cultural institutions and funding agencies, combining experimental sciences, humanities, conservation, environmental and information sciences;
  • simplify interdisciplinary recruitment;
  • intervene with relevant authorities so as to inform and to encourage them to:
    • invest in laboratories carrying out research to improve knowledge and to safeguard heritage;
    • use all research instruments (large-scale facilities, mobile laboratories, databases, the field) as a melting pot for interdisciplinary heritage studies;
    • facilitate access to these infrastructures for researchers from countries that do not have such facilities;
    • put in place an effective policy for defining standards in the heritage sector;
    • support interdisciplinary training activities in the heritage sector, notably those related to recent developments in the methods of studying, protecting and managing the diversity of heritage assets;
  • take action in the public arena to:
    • implement an economic development policy based on studies dedicated to heritage;
    • disseminate the knowledge provided through the study of heritage, in particular to combat the use of heritage as an instrument of political and social division;
    • raise public awareness of the importance of the diversity of heritage and include it within societal development programs;
    • encourage greater efforts to document, inventory, protect, and enhance access to all forms of heritage and its associated knowledge for the development of its economic and social potential.

Paris, 15 February 2019


Signing the Paris Declaration

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First signatories

Safaa Abd El Salam (EG), Patrice Abry (FR), Ann Adanusah (GH), Michel Alba (FR), Isabelle Alfandary (FR), Michael Alram (AT), Hermínia Andreu (FR), Frédérique Andry-Cazin (FR), Demetrios Anglos (GR), Étienne Anheim (FR), Luis Arean (FR), Gilberto Artioli (IT), Daniel Asmar (LB), Clara Azemard (FR), Agnese Babini (IT), Elena Badea (RO), Piero Baglioni (IT), Katalin Bajnok (HU), Antoine Balzeau (FR), Anne-Fleur Barfuss (FR), François Barge-Prieur (FR), Roberto Bassi (IT), Philippe Béarez (FR), Lucile Beck (FR), Irène Béguier (FR), Marta Bellato (FR), Paul Bellendorf (DE), Djilalli Benouar (DZ), Sarah Benson (US), Eva Berger (AT), Uwe Bergmann (US), Camille Berruyer (FR), Régis Bertholon (CH), Loïc Bertrand (FR), Veronica Biolcati (IT), Caroline Blanc (FR), Elisa Boccalon (IT), Clémentine Bollard (FR), Ilaria Bonaduce (IT), Philippe Boncour (FR), Vincent Bontems (FR), Pierre Bordet (FR), Pierre-Étienne Bost (FR), Luc-Émile Bouche-Florin (FR), Audrey Bouchitté (FR), Sylvie Bouffartigue (FR), Louis Boumans (NO), Ann Bourges (FR), Muriel Bouttemy (FR), Elizabeth Brabec (US), Jorge Braga de Macedo (PT), Frédéric Brechenmacher (FR), Catherine Bréchignac (FR), Éric Brian (FR), Thierry Brigaud (FR), Constance Bronnert (FR), Jacques Bruhlet (FR), Bruno Brunetti (IT), Mathilde Bryant (FR), Michelle Bubenicek (FR), Ion Burducea (RO), Andrew Burton Anderson (OM), Danielle C. Bush (US), Clarissa Cagnato (FR), João Manuel Caldas de Oliveira Mimoso (PT), Emilio Cano Díaz (ES), Elyse Canosa (SE), Stéphanie Cardon (FR), Sabine Caré (FR), Francesca Casadio (US), Ilenia Cassan (FR), Jacques Castaing (FR), Marta Castillejo (ES), Nahir Pabón Castro (CO), Sophie Cersoy (FR), Agnès Chalier (GB), Emilie Chalmin (FR), Mouna Chambon (FR), Bénédicte Charbonnel (FR), Sylvain Charbonnier (FR), Florian Charlemaine (FR), Pierre Chastang (FR), Rajaa Cherkaoui El Moursli (MA), Aurélia Chevalier (FR), Bernard Chevassus-au-Louis (FR), Frédérique Chlous (FR), Serge Cohen (FR), Estel Colas (FR), Frédéric Colin (FR), Cynthia Colmellere (FR), Maria Perla Colombini (IT), Amandine Colson (DE), Laurent Cormier (FR), Anthony Corns (IE), Laurent Cortella (FR), Claudio Costantino (IT), Marine Cotte (FR), Philippe Coussot (FR), Daniel Couturier (FR), Sylvie Crasquin (FR), James Crawford (GB), Sophie Croisy (FR), Elke Cwiertnia (DE), Michel Dabas (FR), Anne Dambricourt-Malasse (FR), Maedeh Darzi (GB), Sonia Das (US), Bruno David (FR), Sophie David (FR), Cécile Davy-Rigaux (FR), Bettina de Cosnac (DE, FR), Livio De Luca (FR), Ghislain de Marsily (FR), Juan De Orellana Rojas (PE), Maryvonne de Saint Pulgent (FR), Alberto de Tagle (ES), Laurence de Viguerie (FR), Suzanne Debarbat (FR), Marc-Williams Debono (FR), Guillaume Debout (FR), Daniel Delattre (FR), José Delgado Rodrigues (PT), Jean-Paul Demoule (FR), Francesco d’Errico (FR), Agnès Desolneux (FR), Dominique Deyber (FR), Ana Luisa do Vale Fonseca Claro (PT), Peter Doorn (NL), Francine d’Orgeval (FR), Miloš Drdácký (CZ), Guillaume Dreyfuss (MT), Chrystelle Duhem (FR), Jean-Philippe Échard (FR), David Edge (GB), Gerhard Eggert (DE), Marina Egidi (FR), Ahmed Ellaithy (EG), Laure Emperaire (FR), Xavier Engels (FR), Robert G. Erdmann (NL), Antonio José Estevão Grande Candeias (PT), Jean-Pierre Ezin (BJ), Agathe Fanost (FR), Fédération française des professionnels de la conservation-restauration (FR), Nathan Ferrandin-Schoffel (FR), Dominique Ferriot (FR), Gwendoline Fife (NL), Costas Fotakis (GR), Henri-Paul Francfort (FR), Laurence Franchiset (FR), Volker Franke (DE), Raul Freitas (BR), Anette Freytag (US), Juergen Frick (DE), Theobald Fuchs (DE), María Isabel Fuentes Marcel (CL), Marie-Pauline Gacoin (FR), Jean-Marc Galea (FR), Laura G. Garcia Vedrenne (GB), Romain Garrouste (FR), Emmanuèle Gautier (FR), Cécilia Gauvin (GB), Didier Geffard-Kuriyama (FR), Michèle Gendreau-Massaloux (FR), Lucile Gentaz (FR), Pierre Gény (FR), Rafaella Georgiou (FR), Claire Gervais (CH), Francesca Gherardi (GB), Alice Gimat (FR), Cinthia Gimenez (BO), Riccardo Giordano (FR), Denis Girou (FR), Sara Goidanich (IT), Steven Golan (US), Victor Gonzalez (FR), Philippe Goudeau (FR), Denis Gratias (FR), Maria Grever (NL), Martina Griesser (AT), Nicolas Grimal (FR), Béatrice Guéna (FR), Pierre Gueriau (CH), Yohann Guffroy (FR), Hélène Guichard (FR), Laure Guilbert (FR), Dominique Guillaud (FR), François Guinot (FR), Emmanuelle Guitton (FR), Jan Gunneweg (IL), Selwin Hageraats (FR, NL), Carine Harivel (FR), Hany Helal (EG), Élodie Herens (BE), Alison Heritage (ICCROM), Yves-Marie Hervault (FR), Sylvain Hilaire (FR), Hella Hollander (NL), Andra-Lisa M. Hoy (DE), Myrtille Hunault (FR), Jinho Hyun (KR), Jiye Hyun (KR), Maya Ishizawa (DE), Jean-Paul Itié (FR), Jean-Jacques Jaeger (FR), Nour-Eddine Jalil (FR), Kevin Janneau (FR), Koen Janssens (BE), Philippe Janvier (FR), Erich Jelen (DE), Thierry Joffroy (FR), Vincent Joguin (FR), Lianne Jordan (GB), Uwe Kalisch (DE), Wolfgang Kautek (AT), Philippe Keckhut (FR), Lukas Kellermeier (FR), Annelies Kersbergen (NL), Richard L. Kerschner (US), Katrien Keune (NL), Fatima Khaldoune (MA), Bouziane Khalloufi (FR), Andrew King (FR), Athanasios Koutoupas (CY), Liljana Kovachovska (MK), Imre Kovács (HU), Domen Kranjc (0), Attila Kreiter (HU), Isabelle Kruta (FR), Caroline Kulcsar (FR), Virginia Laboranti (AR), Kilian Laclavetine (FR), Tokie Laotan-Brown (GB), Anissa Lardjman (FR), Ann Lardzac (FR), Claude Laroque (FR), Michel Laurin (FR), Bruno Laurioux (FR), Marie-Claire Le Bourdellès (FR), Line Le Gall (FR), Thibault Le Hégarat (FR), Pauline Lefebvre (FR), Roger-Alexandre Lefèvre (FR), Valérie Lefèvre-Seguin (FR), Anne Lehoërff (FR), Johanna Leissner (DE), Edwige Lelièvre (FR), Roland Lenz (DE), Manoelle Lepoutre (FR), Frédéric Létoffé (FR), Florence Lissarrague (FR), Ana Luengo (ES), Yasmine Maher George (EG), Josie Maldonado (US), Panagiota Manti (GR), Ramiro J. March (FR), Monica Margineanu Carstoiu (RO), Jurate Markeviciene (LT), Jean-Paul Markus (FR), Joelmir Marques da Silva (BR), Jeremy Martin (FR), Aurélie Martin (FR), Lourdes Martín García (ES), Rémi Martineau (FR), Pauline Martinetto (FR), Jessica Matthys (CA), Solange Mayo (FR), Rocco Mazzeo (IT), Apurva Mehta (US), Alessia Melelli (IT), Jean- Didier Mertz (FR), Paul Messier (US), Gwenaël Mezzalira (FR), Alain P. Michel (FR), Costanza Miliani (IT), Alberto Millán González Herce (ES), Benoît Mille (FR), Scott Mitchell (ES), Ioan- Valentin Moise (RO), Judit Molera (ES), Myriam Morcel (FR), Laurine Moreuil (FR), Hélène Mourier (FR), Katharina Müller (FR), Webber Ndoro (ICCROM), Darwina L. Neal (US), Costantin Daniel Negut (RO), Petria Noble (NL), Vincent Noce (FR), Hugo Noulin (FR), Manale Noun (FR), Jakub Novotný (CZ), Tulin Okbinoglu (US), Stéphane Olivesi (FR), Regina Oprandi (FR), Valeria Orlandini (US), Ludovic Orlando (DK, FR), Scott Allan Orr (GB), Pedro Ortega Ventureira (ES), Mohamed Oujja (ES), Jean Pachet-Colléaux (IT, FR), Luis Palma Martos (ES), Nikos Papadopoulos (GR), Katerina Papayianni (GR), Josefina Perez-Arantegui (ES), Catheline Périer d’Ieteren (BE), Antoine Petit (FR), Christophe Petit (FR), Luca Pezatti (IT), Dominique Pieri (FR), Alexandre Pierre (FR), Romain Pintore (FR), Florence Pizzorni (FR), Dimitris Plexousakis (GR), Jean-Dominique Polack (FR), Corneliu Catalin Ponta (RO), Paraskevi Pouli (GR), Trinitat Pradell Cara (ES), Daria Prandstraller (IT), Silvia Prati (IT), Nupur Prothi Khanna (IN), Clotilde Proust (FR), Marie Puren (FR), Yves Queré (FR), Edwin Raap (NL), Gessica Racca (IT), Max Rahrig (DE), Emily Rayfield (GB), Stuart Read (AU), Armelle Regnault (FR), Thilo Rehren (CY), Sylvie Retailleau (FR), Nicole Revel (FR), Younes Rezkallah (FR), Pascale Richardin (FR), Bernard Riera (FR), Solange Rigaud (FR), Manon Rigoreau (BE), Laurence Rivière Ciavaldini (FR), Emmanuel Robert (FR), Alexandra P. Rodrigues (PT), Hannelore Roemich (DE), Mélanie Roffet-Salque (GB), Laurent Romary (FR), Julia Romero Pastor (ES), Polonca Ropret (SI), Erwin Rosenberg (AT), László Rosta (HU), Monica Rotgans (NL), Isabelle Rouget (FR), Pavao Rudan (HR), Nicolas Ruffini-Ronzani (FR), Silvia Russo (IT), Mandana Saheb (FR), Sophie Sanchez (SE), Irina Sandu (NO), Edith Sanstrom (GB), Apostolos Sarris (GR), Judith Schlanger (FR), Manfred Schreiner (AT), Alexandre Semerok (FR), Marcela Sepulveda (CL), Maëlle Sergheraert (FR), Clarimma Sessa (DE), Antonio Sgamellotti (IT), Isabelle Sidéra (FR), Sergey Sirro (RU), Rolf Snethlage (DE), Véronique Sorano-Stedman (FR), Sophia Sotiropoulou (GR), Louise Souquet (FR), Elise Spiegel (DE), Maartje Stols-Witlox (NL), David Strivay (BE), Matija Strlic (GB), Jongsang Sung (KR), Abderrahmane Tadjeddine (DZ), Kerstin Taeschner (DE), Paul Tafforeau (FR), Tarek S. Tawfik (EG), Margareta Tengberg (FR), Monique Teunissen-Amagat (NL), Romain Thomas (FR), Laurette Thomas (FR), Mathieu Thoury (FR), Fabrice Thuriot (FR), Caroline Tokarski (FR), Lucia Toniolo (IT), Katharine Untch (US), Pauline Uring (FR), Valentina Valbi (FR), Francisco Valdez (FR), Philippe Vallas (FR), Jean-Marc Vallet (FR), Henk van den Berg (NL), Kees van der Beek (FR), Robert van Langh (NL), Silvana Vasilca (RO), Jeroen Vermeersch (BE), Aurélie Verney-Carron (FR), Jean-Denis Vigne (FR), Katrin Vill (DE), Dominique Vingtain (FR), Jorgen Wadum (DK), Philippe Walter (FR), Jérôme Wassermann (FR), Peter Weber (DE), Olivier Weller (FR), Fiona West (GB), Alan Williams (GB), Patricia Wils (FR), Helen Wilson (AU), Thea Winther (SE), Katrin Wittstadt (DE), Helena Wouters (BE), Nan Yang (DE), Pierre-Paul Zalio (FR), Alessia Zambon (FR), Emma Gaia Ziraldo (IT)

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